04_Week 2.38: 16th – 21st September

Revelations: The layers of the past reveal their secrets. And everything that occurred is brought into sharp focus as if it wa

04_Week 2.37: 9th – 14th September

Exposed: The feeling, that there is nothing else to hide. Vulnerable, yet at the same time totally at peace with oneself, like

04_Week 2.36: 2nd – 7th September

Directions: The way ahead, is a path that appears straight forward, although it is not without its perils. The other route is

04_Week 2.35: 26th – 31st August

Sand dunes: In the wastelands of the past once lived, there resides the capacity for change. Out of the dust emerges new life,

04_Week 2.34: 19th – 24th August

Communication: These are the lines, that brings us together. We are all so much in touch with the what is happening in the wor

04_Week 2.33: 12th – 17th August

Captives: We feel a sense opposition on all sides, like the walls are slowly closing in on us, although salvation is never far

04_Week 2.32: 5th – 10th August

Backwards: As I regress further into my past incarnations, it is suddenly only now, that everything becomes clearer to me. The

04_Week 2.31: 29th July – 3rd August

Foliage: In amongst the undergrowth, there dwells the memories, of a life once lived. Good times, and not so, waiting to be re

04_Week 2.30: 22nd – 27th July

Jumper: Like the clothing we put on to protect us from the harsh Winter, we hide our true selves, for fear that the bitter rea

04_Week 2.29: 15th – 20th July

Hiding: Sometimes it’s better to choose a hasty retreat, than to stay, and fight. If you don’t know your enemy, then how d

04_Week 2.28: 8th – 13th July

Darkness: As night falls, so there emerges the unspeakable things from the shadows. Spindly fingered creatures with an appetit

04_Week 2.27: 1st – 6th July

Remains: It is just as important as to what we leave behind, as to what we take with us as we move forward. Also that the way

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