04_Week 3.01: 31st December – 6th January

Top nine: I am uncertain as to whether these are my most popular posts of the year. Although, looking back on the past year th

04_Week 2.49: 2nd – 6th December

Feline: With cat-like reflexes, we creep amongst the shadows. Stealth-like demons of the undying night, making mischief where

04_Week 2.48: 25th – 30th November

Fazing: Drifting sleepily, between the delicate embroided nets of reality. Moving in ever decreasing circles, and pacing with

04_Week 2.47: 18th – 23rd November

Offering: A gift to the overseers, in order to appease them, and in return, grant us a bountiful harvest. Shine the favorable

04_Week 2.46: 11th – 16th November

Intentions: Motivations, the way ahead, can sometimes appear hazy, and a little indistinct in times of heightened stress. In s

04_Week 2.45: 4th – 9th November

Anxiety: It’s all just a matter of ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. The way in which we respond to stimuli, that goes way back t

04_Week 2.44: 28th October – 2nd November

Bird: Taking flight, on the wings of a giant eagle, we shall be triumphant once more. To swoop, and dive amougst the clouds in

04_Week 2.43: 21st – 26th October

Confusion: A state of disarray, feels like my only solace, or the prospect of residing in a world of my own making. Detached f

04_Week 2.42: 14th – 19th October

Emerging: Breaking through the layers of life’s undying yearnings, to seek the meaning of all things. To become a better ver

04_Week 2.41: 7th – 12th October

Blighted: With the love of hopeful moments, hidden from view. Clasped in the loving embrace of dried rose petals, and the perf

04_Week 2.40: 30th September – 5th October

Awaiting: Time stands still, to the hopes, and expectations, of what is to come. The wait can seem almost overbearing, althoug

04_Week 2.39: 23rd – 28th September

Death Flower: The vanquisher of the times that have been, and a bringer of hope. Renewal, and a sense of optimism for the path

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