04_Week 3.11: 25th – 30th March

Ghosted: Lurking in the shadows, and the half light of the late afternoon, they lay in wait. Patiently for the right moment, but also emit a particular atmosphere of menace and a little bit of foreboding.
25th March 2020

Ignored: The seen, but unseen, forever in a transient state. To have the ability to shift between that of being, and a non-existent entity, a ghost-like apparition, with the freedom to travel wherever the mood takes one.
27th March 2020

Observed: Looking down at the people through the dirty windows, as they walk by. Time passes quickly, as the light fades into early evening, the street lights punctuate the landscape with a shimmering magic.
28th March 2020

Overlooked: Watched from afar by unseen assailants for unknown agendas. It is uncertain as to whether this is as a result of paranoia, or evidence to suggest a credible threat.
30th March 2020

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