04_Week 3.10: 18th – 23rd March

Blueage: The dull filtered colours of the mid morning sun, shine down heavily. Piercing gently through the clouds like a welcomed friend, and a prospective lover that we long for in the quiet moments.
18th March 2020

Greenage: A late afternoon in Spring, longs for me. Beckoning with a cheeky smile, and I am hooked, forever a prisoner of it’s all embracing arms. Although, I feel a sense of reassurance, and I am happy.
20th March 2020

Redage: Fazed feelings of times gone by, intermingle with the present, like a plate of jam sandwiches. All soft, and yummy scrummy when you take a bite into them. Fragrant with fresh, and a sweet smell of fruit.
21st March 2020

Spanish: Distant voices echo through the mists of time, a distress call, pulling me in. I am beckoned, called to action and to give my assistance on an adventure into the unknown, where dangers await me at every corner.
23rd March 2020

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