04_Week 3.08: 4th – 9th March

Forward: Venturing on the path of inevitable outcomes, in an attempt to revisit those choices made. With the power of hindsight. Time changes everything, and so with it the circumstances to which they will occur again.
4th March 2020

Upwards: Higher, and higher, above the clouds, to journey beyond the stars. Both the physical plane of existence, and the spiritual realm of understanding. To transcend time, and space where the possibilities are limitless
6th March 2020

Backwards: With those choices made, we can always assess there effectiveness in order to ensure greater chances of future success. Time passes, and reveals with it a certain truth to guide us forward.
7th March 2020

Downwards: Tumbling, and bumbling down the rabbit hole of life’s expectations. Hurtling out of control, like a bird caught in the headlights of an articulated, heavy goods vehicle, on a collision cause with, destiny.
9th March 2020

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