04_Week 3.07: 24th – 29th February

Transgression: Slipping down the rabbit hole of past incarnations, like a waterfall of the senses. My grasp on reality, feels like a distant memory, that I’m not entirely sure, as to whether it happened to someone else.
24th February 2020

Faded: Distant voices whisper sweet melodies. Calling out to me of the happy times when there was a sense of optimism, and hope for the future like children seeing snow for the first time.
26th February 2020

Perception: Glimpsing through the gaps between spaces, that divide reality. Travelling through the multicoloured layers of past yearnings, the present imperative, and that which is yet to come.
28th February 2020

Doorway: To pass through the rift between one state of being, to another equally perplexing, plain of existence. To journey to strange places beyond imagining, and known experience.
29th February 2020

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