04_Week 3.06: 5th – 12th February

Confusion: Wading through the fog of mixed emotions, as we attempt to define a way forward. Ghosts of the past, and the echoes of future, dwell like a thick swirling soup of infinite possibilities, waiting to be grasped.
5th February 2020

Renewal: Turn, turn again, once more, the circle of fate. Like the passing of the seasons, as the dark evenings of winter have emerged into the blinding light of summer, we are the butterflies that have emerged with optimism.
8th February 2020

Foliage: Lurking in the undergrowth of ones inner most anxieties, like a tiger, waiting to pounce. A dark presence, that waits, just out of view, but never quite fades away, like the shadows, even in the brightest of days.
10th February 2020

Dense: The endless realm of possibilities, where the only limitations are one’s own imagination. A place where our fondest memories welcome us, and the nightmares of the dark spaces, lay in wait, to devour us.
12th February 2020

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