04_Week 3.05: 29th January – 3rd February

Shroud: Enclosed in a protective shield of positive thoughts, and good intentions. Waiting patiently for the favorable circumstances, so that we can emerge from our cocoons as butterflies fresh to the world.
29th January 2020

Concealment: Hidden in plain sight, like a puzzle, that is yet to be solved. The challenge is to identify as to whether it is a barrier, or an enabler to furthering one’s progress in the harsh realm, of uncertainty.
31st January 2020

Awakening: From our deep slumber, we have finally emerged with a sense of purpose. To uncover great truths that have laid in plain, but now, are only truly being realised for those, with the thirst for adventure.
1st February 2020

Reflected: The intersection, where the past meets the uncertain the future, beckons us with the soft, dull set tones, of welcoming friend. And then we are trapped, to whatever causality, has in store for us.
3rd February 2020

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