04_Week 3.04: 22nd – 27th January

Wide: The expanse that encompasses the of unknowing, of all that we are to accomplish is vast in it’s infinite nature. Like a bottomless pit, it is just as daunting, but not so scary, with its ongoing threat, of impending death.
22nd January 2020

Closed: Infinite possibilities present themselves, with only those of, great virtue. It is a way forward, that is not without its perils, although the eventual outcome is a reward that is beyond imagining.
24th January 2020

Opened: The gates of uncertainty have now been pushed to one side to reveal the truth of all things. It’s still fuzzy, but it has a warm, and welcoming feeling like home, with the faint aroma of freshly, baked bread.
25th January 2020

Widened: The breach between the past, and the future imperative, is now visible to all. To venture forward without fear, and the hindrance of a linear time line. And, fly like the leaves, on the gentle breeze of ambiguity.
27th January 2020

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