04_Week 3.02: 8th – 13th January

Defined: Or a case of murky, impending doom to others, it’s all just a matter of perspective. Although, even when there is no threat, it can be those conjured up in our minds that can be just as terrifying.
8th January 2020

Bargained: The way ahead softly beckons us all. With a distinct sense of optimism, and apprehension in equal measure as we step forward into the light. Beckoning us like an old friend to embark on a brave new adventure.
3rd January 2020

Fazed: The spaces, between spaces, in a realm where time has no meaning. There we reside in our neverending slumber, and dream of the infinite possibilities that we can shape the world for the better.
11th January 2020

Fazed out: Abandoned thoughts of a confused mind, drift on the breeze to a place of infinite possibilities. No longer restrained by the confines of the physical realm and the limitations enforced by a linear, time stream.
13th January 2020

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