04_Week 3.01: 31st December – 6th January

Top nine: I am uncertain as to whether these are my most popular posts of the year. Although, looking back on the past year these are the ones that in my opinion have inspired me most. Happy new year!
31st December 2019

Beckons: The way ahead softly beckons us all. With a distinct sense of optimism, and apprehension in equal measure as we step forward into the light. Beckoning us like an old friend to embark on a brave new adventure.
3rd January 2020

Ghosted images: Memories of a memory, once removed, and divided into a thousand pieces. Float away, and disperse on the breeze like pollen. To breath new life, and spread the message of love to everyone of us.
4th January 2020

Redemption: Given a second chance to redeem oneself, and be judged for our prior transgressions in a court of comprised of our peers. Our fate is in the hands of those we hold most dearest.
6th January 2019

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