04_Week 3.03: 15th – 20th January

Accessed: To gain entry to another dimension through a gap in the wanderings of a mind’s eye. To travel vast distances in the dashing moments, of a Summer’s day once lost, but never truly forgotten.
15th January 2020

Entered: Forever onwards, shall we journey. Once fully wound, the clock of time, can never be altered from its forward trajectory of the future foreboding, which is yet to be written in the mists of time.
17th January 2020

Escaped: The untimely release of vengeful spirits, that have lurked in the dark recesses, for the better part of eternity. Now free to roam the innermost desires, which dwell in the minds of less vigilant, of us.
18th January 2020

Wiser: The knowledge acquired, as a result of a traumatic experience, can be both a revelation, but also a burden to one’s own emotional well being. These are the chances we must take, as we venture into the unknown.
20th January 2020

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