04_Week 2.48: 25th – 30th November

Fazing: Drifting sleepily, between the delicate embroided nets of reality. Moving in ever decreasing circles, and pacing with limited conviction. As time languishes, like a Sunday afternoon in late spring.
25th November 2019

Resolution: Plans made with hindsight, and a sense of hope. For a brief moment, the way forward feels like a distinct path laid out, and full of optimism for the future that fills us with, confidence.
27th November 2019

Idol: The sacred relic of a bygone era, reveals its secrets. Revelations of great wisdom, and a way forward to guide us like children taking their first steps into the wider world with a sense of wonder.
29th November 2019

Talons: The razor sharp claws of a beast, lurks in the shadows, and patiently waits for me. Unseen, yet for the slightest of a glance, out the corner of my eye. And then, it is gone, but never really far away.
30th November 2019

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