04_Week 2.47: 18th – 23rd November

Offering: A gift to the overseers, in order to appease them, and in return, grant us a bountiful harvest. Shine the favorable light on us all as venture forward in these dark and uncertain days which lay ahead of us.
18th November 2019

Headland: Welcoming travelers, who embark on quests, of great virtue. With swords aloft, they slice through the darkness, with their blades of justice, that bring revelations of hidden truth, now revealed for all to see.
20th November 2019

Passing: The ashes have settled, and embers of hardship have begun to fade away. The air has an odd stillness, like something has just occurred, or is about to erupt. A time that feels like it might last this way forever.
22nd November 2019

Revealed: Time passes, and memories fade away. The sleepy haze of the early morning dew on the grass engulfs me with the fuzzy optimism of days gone by, languishing and without a care in the world.
23rd November 2019

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