04_Week 2.46: 11th – 16th November

Intentions: Motivations, the way ahead, can sometimes appear hazy, and a little indistinct in times of heightened stress. In such cases, the best solution, is to try to breath calmly, and attempt refocus one’s self once more.
11th November 2019

Pulsing: The soft sounds of silence. There is a stillness, almost like some strange entity has taken possession of all the noise, and wrapped it up in a little box, saving to eat later for its tea.
13th November 2019

Consideration: Pondering the riddles, and complexities of the events that were to unfold. Times fazes in and out of clarity in a dreamlike haze of infinite possibilities until the most probable solution presents itself.
15th November 2019

Juncture: The path of causality, is laid bare, for all to see. And we huddle like scared children, until we take the take the courage to pass through its threshold to a whole new realm of exciting possibilities.
16th November 2019

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