04_Week 2.45: 4th – 9th November

Anxiety: It’s all just a matter of ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. The way in which we respond to stimuli, that goes way back to the hunter, gather way our ancestor used to live, and something that still very much of our programming.
4th November 2019

Diffusing: Seeping through the cracks in the concrete pavement. Grasping back the once lush green, and pleasant land, which was violated in the name of progress. Now, although the tides have turned, full circle.
6th November 2019

Fracture: The shattered memories of a life once lived, now lay abandoned on the ground like so much broken crockery. Damage, that however much you try, attempting mend it, would be an unachievable task.
8th November 2019

Passing: Fazing from one state of being, to another realm of human experience. Feelings renewed, rebirth, like seeing the world with fresh eyes once more, and everything now becomes so very clear.
9th November 2019

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