04_Week 2.44: 28th October – 2nd November

Bird: Taking flight, on the wings of a giant eagle, we shall be triumphant once more. To swoop, and dive amougst the clouds in our god-like majesty, we are mighty, we are quite simply, amazing.
28th October 2019

Anticipation: In the quiet moments, we wait. Time seems to stand still, and everything appears to melt away. Fazing in, and like the shifting sand that revealed on the shoreline of their secrets.
30th October 2019

Bottled: Hemmed in on all sides, although not without a sense of optimism. We wait, and consider our virtues of times passed, and the exhilaration of those that are yet to come.
1st November 2019

Bound: A sacred quest to find the object of one’s desires, and the enigma of the everlasting ages. A path that has been ever forward, never back, travelling along the true line of inevitable virtue.
2nd November 2019

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