04_Week 2.43: 21st – 26th October

Confusion: A state of disarray, feels like my only solace, or the prospect of residing in a world of my own making. Detached from reality, and protected from the truth of what must never be revealed.

21st October 2019

Exit strategy: A quick release, from the bitter truth. Or maybe, a rescue, it’s all just a matter of perspective really, and one that, as I look back, I have begun to have difficulties distinguishing between the two.

23rd October 2019

Tender: The delicate memories of treasured times, that float like rose petals on the breeze. Whispering, and floundering with no distinct direction to go, other than to rejoice, in the joy of living, itself.

25th October 2019

Transit: The interlaced dimensions, of the under space, which separates the yearnings of life’s great adventure. It is forever shifting, like the tides of confusion, and the bitter winds of past indiscretions.

26th October 2019

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