04_Week 2.42: 14th – 19th October

Emerging: Breaking through the layers of life’s undying yearnings, to seek the meaning of all things. To become a better version of ourselves, to excess and transcend to a higher plain of existence.

14th October 2019

Fazing: Dancing through the gaps in the clouds. Flying beyond the limitations of life’s meaning, to a place where the passage of time, just fades away like dew drops on the early morning breeze.

16th October 2019

Hopper: With the boundless energy, to faze in, and out of established, known space. To have the ability to transcend the laws of time and space, like it was a walk in the park on a cloudy Autumn day in late September.

18th October 2019

Window: The portal to untold revelations, beckons us, like the wonder of a newborn child, taking its first steps into the wider world. At this moment, everything appears to be possible.

19th October 2019

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