04_Week 2.41: 7th – 12th October

Blighted: With the love of hopeful moments, hidden from view. Clasped in the loving embrace of dried rose petals, and the perfumed longings, of a lost summer, that is never truly forgotten.

7th October 2019

Known: Waiting for the inevitable outcome. The way it has to be, and we know it has to be, given the circumstances. And then these events occur, time passes, and all just simply just move on.

9th October 2019

Objected: It is the small things, that watch silently, and bide their time. These are the things that dwell, on me the most, in these uncertain times. Little things that shouldn’t worry me, but dwell, just the same.

11th October 2019

The simple things: In these times, we can reflect upon what has occurred, and how we may move forward from here on out. What worked, what didn’t, and what strategies need to be in place, to ensure success.

12th October 2019

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