04_Week 2.40: 30th September – 5th October

Awaiting: Time stands still, to the hopes, and expectations, of what is to come. The wait can seem almost overbearing, although once it is over, and the deed has been done, it doesn’t feel so bad.

30th September 2019

Chivvy: An attempt, to nudge, fate’s hand. To tip the balance in favour, of more positive outcome, although the chaos of causality cannot be swayed. It goes, where it goes, and the outcome is something we must accept.

2nd October 2019

Fazed thumpers: Beasts of abstract notions, patiently reside in the places, between places. Waiting, and watching time pass like the pages of a book. Flicking back, and forth, skipping to the end.

4th October 2019

Yumbo smart trousers: Dance, motion, and folding back in, on itself. These are the infinite layers and delicate flavours, that reside within the rhythm of the beat, that defines my life, within this realm of strange confusion.

5th October 2019

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