04_Week 2.39: 23rd – 28th September

Death Flower: The vanquisher of the times that have been, and a bringer of hope. Renewal, and a sense of optimism for the path that is set out for us like the blank pages of a book, that is yet to be written.

23rd September 2019

Harbinger: Times once lived, turn again, full circle. We are presented with our past, and the opportunity to correct the errors that we have made, in a completely new way of meaning, that was previously unheard of.

25th September 2019

Journeyed: Travelling along the path, to an outcome that feels strangely, comfortable. Optimism, and the warm feelings of a dearest friend that we hope to see again in the not too distant future.

27th September 2019

Seeping through: Lurking in the shadows, and crouching in plain sight. The terrors that reside in the ordinary, and the everyday can be just as menacing. Dangers waiting to happen, in the moments, when we least expect it.

28th September 2019

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