04_Week 2.38: 16th – 21st September

Revelations: The layers of the past reveal their secrets. And everything that occurred is brought into sharp focus as if it was only yesterday. Once again, faced with the memories once thought long forgotten.

16th September 2019

Tangent: The future softly beckons us, with clasped hands. Also the reassuring smile of a life once lived, and the wistful hope that the lessons of the past have been not taken lightly.

18th September 2019

Fazed: Slipping through the realms of time, and space. Tumbling down the dimensions of the mind’s eye, like a gentle stroll in the park on a brisk summers day. Travelling without moving, where distance is no object.

20th September 2019

Calling: A cry for help, reaching out from the great divide that separates the emotions of life’s meaning. Deperate, although grasping on to the last remnants of hope, and the release of a quick salvation.

21st September 2019

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