04_Week 2.37: 9th – 14th September

Exposed: The feeling, that there is nothing else to hide. Vulnerable, yet at the same time totally at peace with oneself, like that of a newborn child, as it first enters the world with fresh eyes, and full of wonder.

9th September 2019

Ambush: Lying in wait. For the inevitable, or whatever threat that faces us. To take on all those that would challenge us, as we forge our way ahead on the road of discovery to where ever it may take us.

11th September 2019

Orders: These are the things, we are required to do, and those we actually do, which can be very different. There are those commitments we can forgo to another day, and those that must be done, whatever the cost.

13th September 2019

Undergrowth: Lurking in the shadows, and crouching in plain sight. The dark presence waits for me, and in those quiet times, it makes its plans. Looking closely for those opportunities of weakness, in order to pounce.

14th September 2019

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