04_Week 2.36: 2nd – 7th September

Directions: The way ahead, is a path that appears straight forward, although it is not without its perils. The other route is winding, although not so dangerous, but it takes longer to reach our eventual outcome.

2nd September 2019

Distant: Fading back, and dissolving into the air, like scented water vapor droplets, on the mid-morning, breeze. Everything suddenly feels so far away, and indistinct as it was before, yet at the same time strangely familiar.

4th September 2019

Angled: Through the perspective of a prism, everything suddenly becomes clear. The twisted slant reveals the truth, and the realisation of the long-held beliefs which no longer has validity.

6th September 2019

Journeyed: Forward, may also be backwards. There is no real difference between up, and down, for it is all simply a matter of perspective. The same can also be said, for our movement within space, it’s all relative.

7th September 2019

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