04_Week 2.35: 26th – 31st August

Sand dunes: In the wastelands of the past once lived, there resides the capacity for change. Out of the dust emerges new life, and the opportunity for something amazing to thrive where there was once nothing.

26th August 2019

Done deal: Validity times three, with just the slightest sprinkle of sugar on top. Although, the sugar is just for show, the validity is so utterly yummy, it needs no sweetening, for it is the very finest of validity there is.

28th August 2019

Journey: The past, and the present intersect with each other. As the paths we take, intertwine, folding back on the themselves in a glorious cascade of adventure, and exciting possibilities to behold.

30th August 2019

Intersection: The paths that define us. The journey we take along the winding highways, and byways. The adventures, and the people we meet along the way. The lessons we learn, and through it all, become wiser.

31st August 2019

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