04_Week 2.33: 12th – 17th August

Captives: We feel a sense opposition on all sides, like the walls are slowly closing in on us, although salvation is never far behind. Things change, it is inevitable, it’s just that sometimes we feel like we are standing still.

10th August 2019

Revelation: The mists of confusion, and self-doubt are suddenly pulled to one side, to reveal the truth. A realisation of what now must be done, and this time it may just work out alright for everyone involved.

14th August 2019

Sandwiched: Lodged between a rock, and another equally hard place, that may, or may not be another rock. When it’s dark, who can say, but to look for the light through the cracks in the clouds for support.

16th August 2019

Valley: Swooping high above the clouds. To fly like a mighty dragon, breathing down fiery flames of hope, and inspiration to everyone in its wake.

17th August 2019

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