04_Week 2.32: 5th – 10th August

Backwards: As I regress further into my past incarnations, it is suddenly only now, that everything becomes clearer to me. The events that led up to this point in time, and the complexity, of all the things.

5th August 2019

Intentions: It is the plans we make, but also those strategies we devise in order to achieve them. The steps leading up to a goal, of which it is only we have done this, do we truly understand what is entailed.

7th August 2019

Overhead: Looking down, from the vantage point of a swooping sparrow, everything is now visible to me. The buildings, the trees, the cars, and the people going about their everyday lives, as it has always been.

9th August 2019

Captives: We feel a sense opposition on all sides, like the walls are slowly closing in on us, although salvation is never far behind. Things change, it is inevitable, it’s just that sometimes we feel like we are standing still.

10th August 2019

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