04_Week 2.31: 29th July – 3rd August

Foliage: In amongst the undergrowth, there dwells the memories, of a life once lived. Good times, and not so, waiting to be rediscovered, once more. Cherished, like the precious things, that we hold dearest to us.

29th July 2019

Determined: We forge ahead swiftly, with the power of our convictions. To fend off all those that would oppose us, in our sacred quest. To adventure, and along the way, friendship with those that join us in, the good fight.

31st July 2019

Cloaked: The seen, and the unseen intertwined. Fazing in, and out of the spectrum that is visible to the naked eye. Like illusions created with mirrors, they are able to bend reality to their own choosing.

2nd August 2019

Tender: Distant laughter echoes. The vibrations of the happy times, when we were full of joy, and optimism for the world around us. Yet there is a spark, a glimmer of hope, that these days may return once more.

3rd August 2019

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