04_Week 2.30: 22nd – 27th July

Jumper: Like the clothing we put on to protect us from the harsh Winter, we hide our true selves, for fear that the bitter reality will burn us. The frost bite, of a life once lived, but never, quite forgotten.

22nd July 2019

Shelved: Sometimes, we don’t always the have time, to put our ideas into action, but they are never forgotten. Merely stored away for another day, or when we have devised an appropriate strategy, to address them.

24th July 2019

Retro: We crave for the things of the past, looking back as if, it was a golden age of opportunity. Although, the stark reality is very different, as with everything, there are good things, and those we lest to forget.

26th July 2019

Ghosting: Faded moments resonate. Drifting like the waves of sea water, crashing up on the shore, of a sandy beach, on a Summer’s afternoon. Splashing, and cascading through the rivers of time.

27th July 2019

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