I am anything, but someone who sits still for long, with a wealth of experiences that I like to think has enriched me as a person, and informed everything I do. Initially, I trained as a fine artist with a specialism painting, and exhibited my work in galleries, whilst playing an active role in the arts community for many years.

From there, I further developed these skills into teaching at secondary school level, of which this gave me the opportunity to pass on my love of art to others, and enable them to meet their own artistic potential of which I found a very rewarding experience. Following on from teaching to acquire skills of contemporary new technology practices, I went into publishing, designing lifestyle magazines, websites, and promotional materials, also using these same skills in the area of housing development. Then, most recently I have worked in rehabilitation, to empower, and enable people in their everyday lives.

In summary, throughout my life there has always been my love of drawing, and creating comics, which in some small way has fed into everything, like a tapestry, but also in many ways it has made it just that bit more fun, and a way in which I have been able to put something of who I am, into everything I do.

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