Choosing the right time to share one’s work is always difficult, as it can be something very personal to us, also there can be the fear of rejection, also that of criticism, which can have a negative effect, and yet it can, also be a very rewarding experience, to engage with people in the wider world.

My aim, in the spirit of sharing has been, ‘rain or shine’ to post something on social media platforms, at least four times a week, being on a: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and finally Saturday.

At first, this was whatever I was working on at the time, although this became very problematic, as there were those times, which could even be weeks, where I didn’t have any real opportunity to sit down at my desk.

So, I took up the idea, of using this as a platform to experiment, such as: looking at different ways of colouring panels, using layers and the ghosting of images, saturation/filter effects, interesting ways of using composition, and lighting, but also, that it would be a fun experience for me, and hopefully those I shared it with.

This has become wholly separate in many ways from my main work, although ultimately a way to inform it through this use of working out ideas, which at times, some of the work may have been more successful than others, though just as rewarding.

In summary, whilst I am currently working on my first graphic novel, very few of the crops/WIP of works in progress will probably appear in it, although you will be able to see clearly where these experiments have informed, and made it become the eventual, finished product it has become.

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