23/11/20 Draw your bookshop

Draw your bookshop: this is mine growing up in Kent, of which I spent many long hours of my childhood, although sadly, it̵

04_Week 3.11: 25th – 30th March

Ghosted: Lurking in the shadows, and the half light of the late afternoon, they lay in wait. Patiently for the right moment, b

04_Week 3.10: 18th – 23rd March

Blueage: The dull filtered colours of the mid morning sun, shine down heavily. Piercing gently through the clouds like a welco

04_Week 3.09: 11th – 16th March

Byways: The pathways, that are presented before us are infinite in nature. It is only when we make the decision to choose one,

04_Week 3.08: 4th – 9th March

Forward: Venturing on the path of inevitable outcomes, in an attempt to revisit those choices made. With the power of hindsigh

04_Week 3.07: 24th – 29th February

Transgression: Slipping down the rabbit hole of past incarnations, like a waterfall of the senses. My grasp on reality, feels

14/02/2020: Enable us all.

The images below, are from one of the artworks I created using a hollowed-out book as a starting point, to explore new approac

04_Week 3.06: 5th – 12th February

Confusion: Wading through the fog of mixed emotions, as we attempt to define a way forward. Ghosts of the past, and the echoes

04_Week 3.05: 29th January – 3rd February

Shroud: Enclosed in a protective shield of positive thoughts, and good intentions. Waiting patiently for the favorable circums

04_Week 3.04: 22nd – 27th January

Wide: The expanse that encompasses the of unknowing, of all that we are to accomplish is vast in it’s infinite nature. Like

04_Week 3.03: 15th – 20th January

Accessed: To gain entry to another dimension through a gap in the wanderings of a mind’s eye. To travel vast distances in th

04_Week 3.02: 8th – 13th January

Defined: Or a case of murky, impending doom to others, it’s all just a matter of perspective. Although, even when there is n

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